A School for Dreamers  

The School for Awakened Dreamers is the ultimate Path of the Dreamer that allows the practitioner to dive deep into ancient knowledges and practices to awaken their sense of Dreaming. The Sense of Dreaming allows us to understand and experience our true human nature and our potential as travellers in between time and dimensions. Through this 3 year path you will learn advanced dream techniques and unlock the treasures of your dream world. As a result the practitioner will gain a level of mastery to move consciously through the physical and subtle dimensions.



Welcome to the World of Dreams

Every night we immerse into a mysterious field of intelligence.
Dreaming is an innate power of human beings that can be awakened through ancient practices, are you ready? 

School for Awakened Dreamers

Wake up & dream - Pushing the boundaries of reality

Wake up & dream - Pushing the boundaries of reality

In the first year we focus on the container of ENERGY, as we need to learn how to stop loosing energy to our past and regain an energy structure that can allow us to confront the Dream Journey

Wake up & dream - Pushing the boundaries of reality

become the master of your dreams - the journey of the magician

The second year is focused on the container of WILL, in this year we will go deeper into our dream practice to become the master of our own Dreams 

The beginning of the genesis - being the dream

The beginning of the genesis - being the dream

The third year focuses on the container of KNOWLEDGE. In this year we will crystalize the knowledge of the previous years and arrive to a sense of mastery as we live that we ARE the Dream

Wake up and Dream - Pushing the Boundaries of Reality

In order to dream it is necessary to awaken the awareness of the Magic that surrounds us in every moment and to push the boundaries that limit “reality” and ourselves. Every time we go beyond the conventions we become aware that Everything is possible and we access an extraordinary potential: the Sense of Dreaming. Energy is another fundamental ingredient to be able to dream, but in many different ways we unconsciously lose an enormous amount of energy every day.

The first year of the School for Awakened Dreamers focuses on energy recovery, which is then directed to our dreams to allow us to explore deeper and more complex dream territories. We will work on habitual behaviours that strongly affect our way of dreaming. We will access the Laws and Forces that govern “reality” and the territories of the Dreams. We will recall Synchronicity to create a domino effect of events that are aimed to transform ourselves, our dreams and our life.

This year lays the fundamental foundations to awaken our lucidity, open our perceptions and focus our attention and our actions to become true Dreamers.


What you will learn in the 1st year

The Laws and the Territories of the Dream

The Dreamer and his Antagonist

Awaken Lucidity in Dreams

How to get rid of nightmares and use them positively

Recovery of Energy from ones past 

Using the Laws of the Dream to liberate energy

The Personality of the “Dreamer”

Dream interpretation in its different levels / territories

Psychic Schemes to Free the Dream Channels

 Dream code Activations

The Perception of the Internal Senses

The Crystallizations to be Transformed

How to Dissolve Reality

Exercises of Conscious Exit from the Body

 Physical densification techniques in the Dream

Contact with the Master of Dreams in the Crystal Spiral

Enhancement of the Sense of Dreaming in the Temples of Humankind

Densifying Mantra and the Dreamer’s Dance

Metratura aimed to create a Territory in the Dream 

Choose between two different ways to do the 1st year

Block 1

Partly online, partly in Damanhur

Start the 1st year of the School for Awakened Dreamers Online. You will have several live online meetings, that are called modules, with the instructors and your group. In between each online module you will have time to work with the exercises and practice the given techniques. The last module of the year will be in presence in Damanhur where you will meet the instructors and your group companions, closing the 1st year on the magical land of Damanhur, visiting the Temples of Humankind and other powerful energy structures. This way of learning is suited for those who want to have a steady path and have time to practice and dive deep into the contents.

Block 2

Entirely in Damanhur

Do the whole 1st year of the School for Awakened Dreamers in Damanhur. This option is an intensive version of the school and is done as a retreat in Damanhur. You will stay in Damanhur together with the other participants, having a busy full day – and night – schedule where you will do a deep immersion into the contents of the 1st year. The intensive version is a 2 week experience. This option is suited for those who want to be in direct contact with the instructors, the group and the territory of Damanhur. Be aware that the techniques and practices given need to be exercised after the intensive school since these are powerful tools that need more time than only 2 weeks to be fully integrated. 

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Intensive in damanhur

Intensive in damanhur


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What’s included:

Collective Dreamers
24 video-lessons 
1 webinar each month
VALUE: 120€

1st Year of the School for Awakened Dreamers

13 Days in Damanhur:

From Monday 2 of September –
Saturday 14 of September 2024

VALUE: 2.400€


Totale value: 2.520€
Discounted price: 2.100€

(420€ discount)


Room and board expenses are not included, but we will help you find accommodation to your liking.


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